Omicron Class

Fall 2015

Steven Chun

Major: Economics

Positions Held: Stepmaster, Philanthropy Chair, Vape God

Ethnicity: Korean

Richard Dao

Major: Sociology

Positions Held: Design Chair, MGC Delegate

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Marquis Ellis

Major: Geographic Information Science and Technology

Positions Held: President, Stepmaster, Webmaster, Best Looking GB

Ethnicity: African American

Josiah Kam

Major: Business

Positions Held: Alumni Chair

Ethnicity: Chinese

Calvin Le

Major: Business Administration

Positions Held: Social Chair

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

William Liu

Major: Computer Engineering

Positions Held: Treasurer, Quartermaster

Ethnicity: Chinese

John Nguyen

Major: Finance

Positions Held: New Member Dad

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Tommy Nguyen

Major: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology

Positions Held: Service Chair

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Duy Pham

Major: Applied Exercise Physiology

Positions Held: Service Chair, Quartermaster

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Dylan Phu

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Positions Held: Academic Chair, Stepmaster

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Sith Senesoury

Major: Sociology

Positions Held: Philanthropy Chair, Academic Chair

Ethnicity: Laotian

Wesley Song

Major: Business

Positions Held:

Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Jorge Toriz

Major: Landscape Architecture

Positions Held: Design Chair

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Fidel Zaragoza

Major: Engineering

Positions Held: Historian

Ethnicity: Hispanic